Gate 3:16 is joining the Ride for Refuge this year.

If you  like to ride and want to ride with purpose and meaning, please consider joining our Ride on Oct. 5. Get your friends and start your own team. By riding in support of the Gate you are helping us support those who aren’t able to help themselves. Go to and register today. If you can’t ride, you can also walk.  If you can’t walk, then please consider donating and supporting one of our participants. 
What you do today can make a difference for someone tomorrow, so take that step and be the wheel in motion to make that difference for someone else.
We help people in need. 

Will you help? Please support Gate 3:16 Outreach Centre. Thank you!

  • Drop-in Centre

    We provide:

    The drop-in centre attracts people of all ages, cultures, and life situations. The Gate seeks to show God's love to a broken world by creating a Christian atmosphere of friendship and understanding. Many come simply for a breath of hope, encouragement, and a listening ear.

  • Counseling Services

    We provide:

    The Gate provides crisis or long-term counseling to those in need. The Gate is a place where people find the resources they need to overcome life's obstacles. There is a qualified counselor that brings restoration and healing to people's lives. Clients can also access small support group meetings.

  • Medical Services

    Medical Services include:

    Registered Nurse - The Nurse visits the Gate three times a week, to provide basic health care  Optician - The Optician arranges eye exams and fits people for spectacles. Foot care specialist - The specialist cares for sore and battered feet, as well as provides diabetic foot care.

Where are all the Homeless in Oshawa?

Have you ever wondered why there aren’t people sleeping on our Oshawa sidewalks? Let’s take a look at how Gate 3:16 Outreach Centre has helped our city. Come see what is going on inside of the Gate, in our tour the gate section.

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