Dr Ho and Patient xDr. Ho – Dr. Ho comes to the Gate once a week and sees all the people on a waiting list. He checks them over and can write prescriptions or advise on what needs to be done, whether there needs to be tests or blood work. He also gives flu shots and vaccines

Marie Counsellor x

Marie Lundy– is our nurse at the Gate besides being the Counsellor –she can fill out medical forms and take vitals to save the doctor time.

Foot Nurse                                            Alice Mosterd– Foot Care Nurse

Hair dresser at the GateJackie Mirza– Hair Dresser


Authel and Clarice Cole

Authel and Clarice Cole – Pastors for Worship Service

Welcome Desk: Bonita




Other Volunteers that we are very thankful for are:

Dentist: Dr. Miller
Our helpers in the kitchen, our maintenance guys & of course our clothing sorters!