Who We Are

Welcome to GATE 3:16! Here is a glimpse of Who We Are through the eyes of Those We Serve.

Gate 3:16 Outreach Centre is a drop-in centre for people ages 24 and up who are needing help in some area of their life. Some are just having a hard time making ends meet and are looking for a hot meal. Some may be experiencing loss in their life and need some encouragement and counselling. Others may be struggling with health issues whether it be physical or mental and need some help in those areas. We provide all the basic needs that a person may have, even if it is just some friendship or a safe place to be. We live in a world full of hurting people and our door is open to provide some warmth, safety and friendship.

The Gate began back in 1990 when a group of churches felt a need to reach out to the homeless in the Durham region. The Gate started out small in a location on King St. in Oshawa. Over the last 25 years, the Gate has changed locations three times and we are now in a facility on Albany St. serving up to 130 people a day. Some come regularly as their circumstances do not change much due to their illnesses. In the last year or so, we have seen more and more new faces. Some people come in unsure of where to turn due to whatever crisis they may be facing. This is where we can offer them time with our counselor to get them grounded and to know that they are not having to go through their struggles alone. The counselor can then start educating them on some of the resources they can access in our community to help in whatever situation they are in. If the person is needing ongoing support, they can get set up with our counsellor or be referred to other agencies that may specialize in the area of expertise that is needed.

Gate 3:16 is a Christian organization. Our name is taken from a Bible verse – John 3:16 that says “For God so loved the world…” This is our purpose, to show the love of God in all we do. We believe that brokenness and alienation are primarily due to people’s separation from God, so we offer hope by showing them how they can have a new life by being reconciled with God, and receive healing in their lives. Secondly, our purpose is to show compassion by reaching out to help the people with their basic needs, in order to help restore their lives.

Our Mission Statement

Gate 3:16 Outreach Centre is committed to serve, honour and glorify the triune God through its ministry in the Oshawa community and Durham Region

  • To provide a Christian environment for our clients which has the structure, and semblance of a family atmosphere
  • To provide the opportunity for interaction, social fellowship/friendship for our clients
  • To model the life of Jesus Christ in the above situations
  • To institute a system of accountability in the same environment for the purpose of a positive change in behaviour.